Faith, Hope and Love large candlestick

Hand painted large candlestick, done using a mixture of painting and scratching, the Faith, Hope and Love words are traditionally used in the wedding vows. This large ceramic piece will now be left to dry and then be fired.

Loving Cup

The blank loving cup is decorated free hand on a wheel using a painting and scratching or sgraffito technique. After the piece has been painted it will go through a biscuit firing and then a glaze firing.

Faith, Hope and Love vase

Hand thrown and then hand painted using brush and scratching techniques. Once this piece has dried it will be fired.

We'll Go To Sea No More

The candlestick is thrown on the wheel then decorated with a large fish design. Susan first began painting fish on her ceramics when she was at college. This piece would take well over an hour to paint.

Land Of My Heart Forever

Five cups decorated one after the other, each done in a matching pattern. They will then be biscuit fired and then glaze fired.